Asha offers strategic planning services specializing in collaboration, research, short- and/or long-term solutions, and more.


Let Asha help you create a business strategy plan that moves your company forward! 

Leadership, Training, and Coaching

  • Communication

  • Time Management

  • Career Development 

  • Networking 

  • Staff Development 

  • Project Management



"Asha is very professional. She is detailed, diligent, and hardworking. I would describe her as a visionary that displays strong leadership qualities. She is meek, but knows how to get her point across in a professional and respectable manner. It was a pleasure working with her on the 2015 Youth Fashion Show Gala because she values the opinions of others, is easy to talk to, will not compromise her character or integrity, and is willing to give everyone a fair chance. Asha is rare because she stands firm on her belief system and - at the same time - she will see your vision through from beginning to end and make your dreams a reality. I recommend Asha for your next event."